Screw plug immersion heaters are used by the process heat industry for a wide range of applications. This type features a broad selection of screw plug sizes, wattage, materials and junction box types. Screw plug heaters may be threaded directly into a sufficient tank wall or used with a companion coupling. Screw plug heaters are made for horizontal use, longer cold zones are availabe for vertical installations.  
Installation Recommendations
  • Select the heater size best suited for your application.
  • Choose the appropriate watt density for the solution.
  • Choose the proper sheath for the solution being heated to avoid corrosion.
  • Avoid physical damage to heaters.
  • Select an appropriate temperature control.
  • Protect heaters and tank against liquid level drops with safety controls.
  • Uniform heat distribution in larger tanks is enhanced by the use of several heaters rather thank one large heater.
  • Use the appropriate terminal box for each application
  • Clean heaters periodically to avoid premature failure.
  • Mount all heaters securely.
  • Electrical wiring should be in accordance with national and local codes.
  • Heaters available with special wattage and voltage.
  • Low watt density for oil heating.
  • Thermostat control available.
  • Provides freeze protection in outdoor environment.
  • Applied for pipeline heating.
  • 100% Utilization of energy.
  • Electro-polish available.
  • Excellent selection for vapor degreasing systems.
  • Easily installed with a wrench.
  • Excellent choice for jacketed process tanks.
  • UL Recognized / CSA Certified up to 18 KW, 600 VAC.
  • Prompt delivery.
  • Minimum resistance to free flow and circulation to heated solutions.
WARNING: The surface temperature of electric immersion heaters can exceed 1400° F (760°C) when the heated section is exposed to air. This creates a severe fire hazard when used in many plastic tanks. Over-temperature sensors and separate liquid level controls must be used with all installations. Solution should be kept at least 2" above the heater at all times.