Flange Heaters

Flange heaters consist of hairpin tubular elements welded into various types of flanges & provided with wiring boxes for electrical connections. Designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels, flange heaters are commonly used for heating gases & liquids such as water, oil, heat transfer fluid, and corrosive solutions. Be sure the element sheath material and watt density are compatible with the medium being heated. Listed below are common flange sizes, however, custom sizes and watt densities are available.

GLO-QUARTZ® has the capability to design and manufacture to your specifications, with a minimal lead time.


  • 100% Utilization of energy.
  • Heaters available with various wattage and voltage combinations.
  • Low watt density available for oil heating or other viscous solutions.
  • Minimum resistance to free flowing and circulating solutions.
  • Thermostat control and thermocouples available.
  • Electro-polish available on most heaters
  • UL Recognized / CSA Certified up to 18 KW, 600 VAC, on most heaters
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WARNING: The surface temperature of electric immersion heaters can exceed 1400° F (760°C) when the heated section is exposed to air. This creates a severe fire hazard when used in many plastic tanks. Over-temperature sensors and separate liquid level controls must be used with all installations. Solution should be kept at least 2" above the heater at all times.