Bottom Tank Heater

Bottom Tank Type L heaters are designed to rest on the floor of the tank. This style is most efficient as the heat rises and evenly heats the solution without circulation. They come with a standard 1" stand-off leg, longer stand-off legs and lower watt density heaters are available for poly tanks or tanks that have a sludge build-up. Sheath materials include: 304 SS, 316 SS, Alloy 800 and Titanium. Common watt densities are 20 w/ for low watt density and 40 w/ for standard watt density. Electropolish is available on 316 SS and Alloy 800 sheathed elements for increases corrosion resistance. The terminal housing is fully welded and moisture resistant. The L heaters are designed to work with our TC1 and TCD controls optimizing our safety relay system.

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