Lab Heaters

Small tanks and laboratory applications requiring heat also require an economical heater. Laboratory heaters, available in several materials including quartz, stainless steel and titanium, have proven to be versatile and reasonable. Ideal for scientific experimentation, these units occupy a minimum amount of space while providing a maximum amount of space while providing a maximum amount of performance.

These pencil sized heaters are highly resistant to thermal shock. Therefore, they can be easily utilized in a tube or beaker. Operates at 1700°F (925°C) in air. Comes standard in 120 volts with five-foot flexible cord and plug.

These heaters are used for heating all acids except hydrofluoric. The units can be mounted in any position to heat gases, generate steam, heat miniature high-temperature baths, use in table top vaporizers, micro-furnaces and other types of scientific apparatus.

WARNING: Glo-Quartz® Lab Heaters are not designed to be fully submerged. Only the quartz sheath should be in contact with the solution to be heated.