Screwplug Immersion Heaters

Screwplug immersion heaters are used by the process heat industry for a wide range of applications. This type features a broad selection of screw plug sizes, wattage, materials and terminal box types. Screw plug heaters may be threaded directly into a sufficient tank wall or used with a companion coupling. Screw plug heaters are mainly made for horizontal use, longer cold zones are available for vertical installations. GLO-QUARTZ® offers NPT and British parallel threaded screwplug heaters.


  • 100% Utilization of energy
  • Heaters available with various wattage and voltage combinations
  • Low watt density available for oil heating or other viscous solutions
  • Minimum resistance to free flowing and circulating solutions
  • Thermostat control available
  • Electro-polish available for 316 SS and Alloy 800 elements
  • UL Recognized / CSA Certified up to 18 KW, 600 VAC, on most heaters
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