Quartz Immersion Heaters

For all acid solutions except those containing hydrofluoric or fluorides Type GN: Standard watt density, 40 watts/sq. inch - for Mild acids. Type N: Low watt density, 20 watts/sq. inch - for Heat sensitive or heavy acid solutions such as nickel plating, electropolishing or phosphoric acid.

NOT recommended for alkaline or caustic solutions.

All type GN and N quartz heaters are supplied with a preset over-temperature switch encased in a FEP tube that runs vertically along the outside of the quartz tube. This switch should be used with our TC series temperature controls and a separate liquid level control system.

Solution should be kept 2” above the heated length at all times.
Maximum solution operation temperature is 200ºF.
Units can be ordered in different combinations such as: Complete Heater, Heater Less Guard, or each piece individually.